Jacksonville, FL – Safariland®, a leading provider of safety products for public safety, military, and outdoor enthusiasts, has announced new firearm fits for their popular IncogX® IWB holster. Developed in collaboration with Haley Strategic Partners, the IncogX now offers compatible holsters for the Smith & Wesson Shield, Shield+, Shield EZ, and M&P models.

“We’re excited to give our customers even more options for carrying their favorite Smith & Wesson handguns,” said Tim Drnec, VP of Marketing for Safariland. “The IncogX’s innovative features and versatility ensure a comfortable and confident concealed carry experience.”

The IncogX boasts several key features designed for comfort and concealment:

  • Concealment Customization: Three included clip strut shim sizes (1/8″, 1/4″, and 3/8″) allow for personalized fit and printing reduction.
  • Red Dot Compatibility: The holster accommodates both micro and full-size red dot sights for versatile use.
  • Comfort and Durability: A microfiber suede-wrapped Boltaron body provides a comfortable feel against the body while ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Magazine Caddy Option: An optional magazine caddy with adjustable tension allows for secure and accessible magazine carry.
  • Retention and Security: Passive trigger guard and ejection port retention features ensure your firearm remains secure in the holster.

The improved clip strut design allows for easy on-the-fly adjustments to optimize comfort and concealment without requiring any tools.

The new IncogX holsters for Smith & Wesson Shield, Shield+, Shield EZ, and M&P models are available for purchase now. Visit safariland.com for more information.