Calling all competitive shooters! Breda America, a leader in premium shotguns, has just announced their latest offerings designed to dominate the 3-gun scene: the Breda B12i/T4 and the B12i/T4 X Competition Grade shotguns.

Built from the ground up for competition, these shotguns boast features that prioritize speed, precision, and reliability under pressure.

Designed for the Dynamic Demands of 3-Gun

The B12i/T4 series comes standard with features that 3-gun shooters will appreciate:

  • Ambidextrous controls: Allows for quick reloads and manipulation regardless of shooting preference.
  • Oversized controls: Ensures smooth operation even in the heat of competition.
  • Precision drilled barrels: Crafted from high-quality steel for consistent, accurate shot placement.
  • Breda Inertia System: Reduces felt recoil and promotes flawless cycling for a competitive edge.
  • Aggressively cut loading port: Facilitates swift and effortless reloads, crucial for maintaining momentum.
  • Natural transition design: Optimizes ergonomics for a fluid shooting experience.

Breda B12i/T4: Performance at a Value

Available in 24″ and 18.5″ barrel lengths, the B12i/T4 offers exceptional performance and reliability at an MSRP of $1,899. This makes it a compelling option for competitive shooters seeking a top-tier shotgun without breaking the bank.

Breda B12i/T4 X Competition Grade: The Ultimate Advantage

For those seeking the absolute best, the B12i/T4 X Competition Grade takes things a step further. It boasts several performance-enhancing upgrades:

  • Hand-assembled, tuned trigger group: Delivers a smooth, crisp pull for faster shooting.
  • Breda “Veloce” bolt carrier: Lighter and faster than traditional models for improved cycling speed.
  • Adjustable black walnut stock: Allows for a personalized fit for optimal comfort and control.
  • Extended choke tubes: Included for greater versatility in different shooting scenarios.

A Commitment to Shooter Success

“These shotguns represent the pinnacle of performance in the world of 3-gun competitions,” says Jesse Highling, Breda’s vice president of business development. With the B12i/T4 series, Breda is clearly committed to providing competitive shooters with the tools they need to achieve peak performance on the range.

Whether you’re a seasoned 3-gun competitor or an aspiring champion, the new Breda B12i/T4 shotguns are worth a closer look. With their focus on speed, precision, and reliability, they could be the difference between winning and losing on competition day.