Volunteers Form Black Warrior Chapter of Quail Forever in Birmingham, AL


Volunteers Form Black Warrior Chapter of Quail Forever in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, Ala. – Quail Forever continues to expand its mission in the Southeast with the formation of the Black Warrior Chapter of Quail Forever in Birmingham, Alabama. Volunteers are focusing on habitat improvements and conservation education to create positive impacts for bobwhite quail and other wildlife in the Greater Birmingham region.

“We’re excited to bring a new chapter of Quail Forever to the largest population center in Alabama and make it available for those passionate about hunting and conservation,” stated Cullen Wiggins, president of the Black Warrior Chapter of Quail Forever. “The committee looks forward to improving habitat and bringing to light the challenges and opportunities quail have in the 21st century, and we hope others will help support a quail comeback in our state.”

Quail populations in Alabama have seen a consistent decline since the mid 1980’s due to changing land use practices, but success stories can still be highlighted throughout the state thanks to conservation advocates paving a new path for the Southeast’s most iconic bird. The Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources has shown a renewed interest in quail management in recent years, including the creation of focal areas for bobwhites and habitat project implementation to restore bobwhite populations to 1980’s levels. The Black Warrior Chapter of Quail Forever will utilize the organization’s unique local approach to help fund similar projects and initiatives to reestablish the glory days of quail habitat and bobwhite hunting in Alabama.

Black Warrior Chapter of Quail Forever

The Black Warrior Chapter of Quail Forever has elected Cullen Wiggins of Birmingham as president, Drew Barnett of Mountain Brook as vice president, Davis Bryant of Birmingham as treasurer, Nick Sanders of Coaling as habitat chair, Freddy Padilla of Birmingham as youth/education coordinator, Lance Lucas of Birmingham as banquet chair, and Tripp Giles of Birmingham as secretary.
The chapter will hold its next meeting on Monday, August 21st, starting at 6:oo p.m. at the Purple Onion (1551 Montgomery Hwy – Birmingham, AL 35216). Hunters and conservationists interested in joining the chapter as volunteers are encouraged to attend – please RSVP with Cullen Wiggins.
The chapter’s inaugural habitat fundraising banquet will be held this fall on Thursday, November 9th at the Avondale Brewery in Birmingham.
For more information about the chapter or to become involved, contact chapter president, Cullen Wiggins, at (205) 454-5058 or Cullen.Wiggins@gmail.com.
About Quail Forever

Quail Forever is a leading organization dedicated to upland habitat conservation efforts for the United States’ native quail species. Since its creation in 2005, Quail Forever has conducted more than 8,500 habitat projects across the nation benefitting quail and other wildlife. Along with its affiliate organization Pheasants Forever, it has committed more than $708 million to improve more than 15.8 million acres of wildlife habitat. Quail Forever has more than 16,000 members and 165 local chapters across the country. Both Quail Forever and Pheasants Forever are part of Pheasants Forever, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

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