On this video, we take a look at my new creation, a .375 cal airgun. I built this rifle to shoot deer accuratly at 300 yards. putting out 460-500 foot pounds of energy, it has plenty of power to kill a deer size animal at that range. It was built on an Airforce airguns Texan platform with a .357 valve. The stock is from Maddod and the scope is an Arken. the Trigger is replaced with a precision trigger from RMPA. The .375 barrel is a TJ barrel and Valve poppet is from Doug Nobel. The Eagle vision scope rings are from Utah airguns and the carbon fiber 4500 psi bottle is from Leathal air.
A 267 grain bullet sized to .3745 is what shoots best out of this gun. Filled to 3700 psi, they are doing 890 fps. Bullets are from Airguns of Texas.
The first kill for this rifle is Two coyotes I shot at my buddies Ranch called the “Hoot n Hawlar”.
music by HOOCH