Sporting Dog Adventures 2018 EP1 Season 8 Arrives Season 8 has arrived! The first hunt of the year takes the SportingDog crew to Saskatchewan where the waterfowl action is always hot. Jeff Fuller has fan favorite Pickett in the field on the first part of the hunt followed by his new dog Ruger for day two.
Surrender Outdoors Season 4 Episode 1 New Mexico Antelope Hunting Follow brothers as they chase the lightning fast antelope in Colorado
Boot-Trac Adventures Season 2 Episode 1 Summertime Silver Coho Salmon fishing on Lake Michigan
Texas Game Hunters SE2 EP1 Death From Above Texas Game Hunters SE2 EP1 Death From Above

Posted by jodymarshallblackwelder on  July 2, 2018

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Outdoor Wild Jesse Heft’s Wild Video. Bow Hunt Watch as team Wild Jesse Hefty captures some awesome footage of Bucks Chasing Doe’s in this Mini Clip while on his Bow Hunt